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Tutorials/Use Case Scenarios

Tutorial 1: Gene Expression During Rat Spinal Cord Development

Tutorial 2: Analysis of NCI60 Data

Tutorial 3: Jarvis-Patrick Clustering

Tutorial 4: Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs)

Tutorial 5: Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Sample Workflow Using Spotted Array N-Fold Culling With Log Transformation


Platinum  Tutorial 6: Learning to Distinguish Cancer Classes


Platinum  Tutorial 7: IBIS Classification

Tutorial 8: Affymetrix Data

Platinum  Tutorial 9: Support Vector Machines

  • This tutorial demonstrates how to train GeneLinkerô Platinum's committee of SVMs to distinguish between sample classes. As an example, data on two leukemia types is studied. Program features covered include importing variables, creating learners, classification, and classification plots.