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Improved Outcomes Software Inc. was formed by the merger of Visible Bytes Software Inc. and Predictive Patterns Software Inc. in January of 2004. Improved Outcomes is a software company and our mission statement is:

To improve peoples’ quality of life by providing high quality, easy-to-use software that leverages our experience in the basic sciences, bioinformatics, information technology, image guided surgery and 3D modeling and visualization.

We provide development, project management and data analysis services in the image guided surgery, bioinformatics and IT industries and sell software products. We have licensed the right to sell, support and continue to develop the GeneLinker line of software products (for genomics and proteomics data analysis) following Molecular Mining's closing on March 6, 2003. We have released three new versions of these products in our first year of operation.

Our target customer for the GeneLinker products is the front-line investigator who has data and needs a powerful, intuitive tool to analyze it.


Mark Young P.Eng.

Mark is Improved Outcomes' President and CEO and brings over 18 years experience designing, developing and managing commercial software products. Prior to Improved Outcomes, he co-founded Visible Bytes Software and created a profitable consulting business specializing in image-guided surgery and information technology. Mark's work experience also includes iGO Technologies, a startup company interested in applying technology to orthopedics and the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Using a rapid, incremental software development process, he managed and led development of two substantial products from early concepts to functional applications in less than two years with a team of only three software developers. Mark began his career at the highly successful Andyne Computing Ltd. (now Hummingbird Ltd.) where he served in positions of increasing technical and managerial responsibility. He earned his B.Sc. (Honours) in Engineering from Queen’s University in 1988 and has been a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario since 1990.

Tom Radcliffe Ph.D., P.Eng.

Tom is Improved Outcomes' Chief Scientific Officer. He has nearly a decade of software and management experience in large and small companies, as well as professional experience in medical physics and neutrino physics. Prior to co-founding Predictive Patterns, Tom was the Director of Software Development at Molecular Mining Corporation, and prior to that was Senior Scientist at iGO Technologies, where he architected iGO's Virtual Surgery System. Tom has a Ph.D. in physics from Queen's University, and has worked in neutrino physics at Caltech and as part of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) collaboration, where he developed machine learning algorithms for data analysis, simulation software, and robot control software. He has worked in medical physics and image processing, and is the inventor of pseudo-correlation, a fast, robust image registration algorithm.

Paul St. John

Paul is Improved Outcomes' VP Image Guided Surgery. He is a Project Leader and Software Developer with over 9 years experience in the high-tech sector. At iGO Technologies, Paul managed a large contract for customization and delivery of an image-guided surgery system to Queen’s University. He has successfully led several cross-functional teams of various sizes and his portfolio includes a wide variety of software technologies, protocols and methods. Paul’s experience includes six years at Andyne Computing Limited (now Hummingbird Communications Ltd.) where, in addition to his management and technical responsibilities, he worked directly with customers translating their requirements into product specifications. Paul holds a Computer Engineering Technology Diploma with Distinction from St. Lawrence College and has served as an adviser to the Technical Communications Program. He has been a guest speaker at St. Lawrence College and the Human Mobility Research Centre at Queen's University.

Mark Chatterley M.Sc.

Mark is Improved Outcomes' VP Bioinformatics. He brings a broad range of scientific, management and development experience in large and small companies from several industries. Prior to co-founding Predictive Patterns with Tom, he managed the development and delivery of Molecular Mining Corporation's two software products (GeneLinker Gold and GeneLinker Platinum) and subsequent releases of new versions. He was also responsible for the development of key parts of both products. Prior to working at Molecular Mining, Mark worked in the telecommunications industry on both wireless terminals and network switches. He was employed as a Software Developer at both Newbridge (now Alcatel) and Nortel. Mark has undergraduate degrees in both Mathematics and Computing Science from Queen's University as well as a Master's in Computing and Information Science from Queen's University. He has extensive experience in pattern recognition, machine learning, software development, product and project management.

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