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Experiments Navigator Items

Datasets and experiments do not have to be explicitly saved. When an experiment is run, the results are immediately and automatically saved to the GeneLinkerô database. The completion of this is indicated by the appearance of an item in the Experiments navigator as a 'child' under the original dataset.

If you want to back up or access your data for use in another application, simply export the data to a file.



Annotations do not have to be explicitly saved either. Once any addition or change is made to an annotation, the database is updated automatically. An annotation icon appears next to any item in a navigator tree that has an annotation.


Profile Matching Results

Profile Matching results are saved when you answer yes to the save profile match prompt. You also have the opportunity to save an unsaved profile match when you exit GeneLinkerô.


Gene Lists

Gene lists are saved when they are created. Click the Save List button and provide a file name.


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