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Exporting Data



Gene expression data can be exported to a .csv file (comma separated values). If your dataset has variable information associated with it, you are given the option to embed the variable data within the exported file.



1. Click a dataset in the Experiments navigator. The dataset is highlighted.

2. Select Export Data from the File menu. If the dataset has variable information, the Export Gene Expression Values dialog is displayed.

3. Click Export. The Save As dialog is displayed.

4. If necessary, navigate to the folder where the file is to be saved.

5. GeneLinker™ supplies a default file name based on the name of the item in the navigator and a file type extension (.csv). You can use the default file name or you can type over it.

6. Click Save. The data is saved to the specified file.


Note on Embedded Variable Data

GeneLinker™ imports data and variable information from separate files. Some programs, such as Spotfire®'s DecisionSite™, import data and variable information from a single combined source file.


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