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Lookup Gene



You have the option of looking up gene information in a database on the World Wide Web from the Genes or Gene Lists navigators, the table viewer, and many of the plots. The results of a lookup gene operation are displayed using the HTML browser specified in your user preferences. See Disclaimer.



1. On a plot or in a table view, click on one or more genes (the  Find function can be used to locate a gene). Alternatively, you can click on the Genes tab in the navigator and click on one or more genes, or click on the Gene Lists tab, and click on a gene list. The items are highlighted.

2. Click the Lookup Gene toolbar icon , or select Lookup Gene from the Tools menu, or right-click a selected item and select Lookup Gene from the shortcut menu.

3. Your HTML browser is launched displaying the available information for those genes. If you selected more than one gene, the gene names are displayed in the left frame, and the information about the selected gene is displayed in the right frame.


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