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Image-Guided Surgery (IGS) Consulting Services

We provide software development services to the medical industry. Our software is designed and built to commercial standards and it leverages the benefits of 3D technology.

We are used to working with surgeons to design computer solutions for challenging medical problems. Our team has many years of experience in computer assisted surgery including:

  • Orthopedic procedures: hip pinning, osteotomy, knee replacement (TKA & UKA) and osteoid osteoma

  • Imaging modalities: fluoro, CT, x-ray, ultrasound

  • Calibration: fluoro, ultrasound, drill, probe

  • Point-based registration

  • 3D tracking, image acquisition and processing
Why Commercial Quality Software?

Often, software developed in an academic or research environment is designed to prove a concept or to work under very controlled conditions with specific hardware. The demands placed on commercial software; however, are much different. It must run flawlessly in less than ideal real-world conditions, adapt to changing hardware and peripherals, and easily accommodate new features over several decades. At Improved Outcomes Software, we use our 25 years of commercial development experience to make sure your software is developed quickly, to high quality standards and with an eye to the future.

Why 3D Technology?

People naturally think in 3D because our world is three dimensional; however, many medical technologies, like x-ray and ultrasound, impose two dimensional restrictions which limit doctors and clinicians in diagnosing and treating patients effectively. Recently available 3D tracking technology coupled with low cost, high performance computer graphics hardware and software means organizations have many opportunities to advance the state of health care by developing 3D capable medical devices. At Improved Outcomes Software, we want to use our experience with 3D modeling, visualization and tracking to take your medical device to the next generation.

"Whether you’re a startup company needing to build software right the first time, an established player wrestling with the competition, or you want to explore what 3D capability can do for your medical products, our consulting services can help you succeed with software!"

Contact us today to discuss how Improved Outcomes can assist in the development of your IGS applications.

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