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We provide commercial quality, multi_platform, software development services to the IT industry.

You don't have a lot of time and resources to spend on training.
The Improved Outcomes team has a large skill portfolio and the demonstrated ability to rapidly learn and apply new technologies.

You need someone who can speak your language.
Our combined experience includes over 20 years developing shrink-wrapped software for the Business Intelligence field. We understand the competing needs to give users quick access to data on their desktops while controlling training and administration costs.

The competition is closing in and you need a team who can deliver commercial quality product quickly.
We understand the challenge of trying to maximize product features with limited time and resources. Our rapid development process is designed to reduce risk early in the project and it allows for mid-course changes in response to changing needs and circumstances.

You must keep quality high and ongoing software maintenance costs to a minimum.
Design and code reviews coupled with extensive documentation and UML diagrams help us ensure high quality software that is easily maintained by others. We know the importance of finding and fixing problems early in the development process. Our software is multi-platform, co-developed for MS-Windows, Linux and UNIX to provide future flexibility. Right from the start, we globalize our software, making it ready for localization into foreign languages. Software we have written is in use around the world including: Japan, France, Germany and South America.

You donít have time to reinvent the wheel.
We are always looking for existing software to jumpstart our projects. Our experience includes a large number of open source and commercial software libraries including our own.

No man is an island, and neither is our software.
Improved Outcomes Software uses industry standard protocols like XML, SQL, HTML and CORBA to ensure your product operates well with others and takes advantage of future technologies.

"Whether youíre a startup company needing to build software right the first time, an established player wrestling with the competition, or you need to smooth out varying staffing demands, our consulting services will help you have successful software projects!"

Contact us today to discuss how Improved Outcomes can assist in the development of an IT solution for you.

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