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Data Analysis Services

The following is intended as a general guideline for our service pricing. We recommend individual quotes targeted to your specific needs. For a detailed quote, please email us the following:

  1. The research question you are trying to answer (e.g. Which genes allow me to distinguish between these two types of cancer?).
  2. A description of the data including:
    1. The number of genes.
    2. The number of samples.
    3. The number of gene lists (and sizes).
    4. The number of categorical variables (and descriptions).
  3. A description of any particular deliverables that you are expecting (in case they aren’t covered by our standard reports).
Service Price (all prices are in US funds)
Preliminary Data Analysis for up to 10K genes and 100 samples: includes overview of data, normalization, filtering, PCA and a basic report. $300
Larger numbers of genes $100 for every 10K genes above the first 10K
Larger numbers of samples $100 for every 100 samples above the first 100
Additional data types - Each Gene List We will provide lists of other genes with related profiles and visualizations (for PCA and clustering) that illustrate the genes of interest (a slightly more extensive report). $100
Additional data types - Each Categorical Variable (e.g. cancer type or clinical outcomes).

This will include a preliminary statistical analysis of to highlight genes that vary significantly in the variable of interest (F-test or Kruskal-Wallis) and visualizations (for PCA and clustering) colored by the variable of interest (a slightly more extensive report).
Classification and prediction (includes fees for a test data set). Includes feature selection, creation of an appropriate classifier (if possible), and testing on a test data set, detailed with visualizations in a much more extensive report. $500
Repository Delivery on CD:

Customers can elect to have a repository of the entire analysis delivered via CD. This is particularly handy for current users of GeneLinker Platinum but is also valuable for non-GeneLinker customers as our free Platinum demo software can be used as a viewer for the visualizations (which can be modified and exported). CDs will be shipped using a priority courier.
$200 within North America

$250 outside of North America
Express service:

The express service is only required if you require delivery of the report within 48 hours.
Additional Consulting Services:

We are happy to provide estimates for custom analysis. Additional analysis can be performed economically (1-2 hours) if our software already supports it. Custom enhancements can require significantly more resources.
Tax: Canadian Residents are required to pay 7% GST.
Current GeneLinker Customers Current customers with an up to date maintenance contract receive a 25% discount.
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