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Predictive Patterns Releases GeneLinker(TM) Gold Version 3.1 & GeneLinker(TM) Platinum Version 2.1

June 2, 2003

Predictive Patterns Software Inc. (PPS) today announced the release of GeneLinker(TM) Gold version 3.1 and GeneLinker(TM) Platinum version 2.1 Gene Expression and Proteomics Analysis Software.

Predictive Patterns is a new company co-founded by Dr. Tom Radcliffe (President) and Mark Chatterley (Vice-President) which has licensed the right to sell, support and continue to develop the GeneLinker line of software products. Tom Radcliffe and Mark Chatterley were formerly the Development Director and Manager of Software Development at Molecular Mining Corporation, which developed the original GeneLinker products and ceased operations in March 2003.

"The new releases represent an improved level of maturity in the GeneLinker products and illustrate our focus on quality. They also have new statistics features for handling replicates, allow the ability to export publication quality graphics, and have improved scalability and reliability for large data sets," said Chatterley.

The main features that have been added to both Platinum 2.1 and Gold 3.1 that differentiate them from the previous versions are:

  • Export of publication quality graphics (SVG and PDF export).
  • Merging based on a variable. This can be used to handle between chip replication (where different samples represent replicates of other samples).
  • Automatic default visualizations. At the end of an experimental analysis default visualizations are displayed.
  • Kruskal-Wallis statistics feature to allow non-parametric independent group comparisons on replicates or classified samples.
  • Support for Oracle (9i) as a data repository instead of the default MySQL repository, or the previously supported DB2 alternative.
  • Ability to export PCA loadings that describe the correlation between each component and each variable (genes or samples).
  • Improved default experiment names to help you keep track of concurrent analyses on many different data sets.

In addition, over 75 incremental improvements and minor bug fixes have been made to improve usability.

Predictive Patterns is also offering an upgrade path to the previous customers of Molecular Mining Corporation to allow them to take advantage of the new GeneLinker release and access support.

GeneLinker Gold is the entry level product that is well suited to researchers just entering the area of genomics or proteomics research, while GeneLinker Platinum offers powerful feature detection and neural network algorithms more suitable to the intermediate or advanced researcher.

"We are committed to supporting the GeneLinker products and developing them further. Our goals are to provide the best scalable desktop gene expression and proteomics analysis software products to our users at a reasonable price, and provide our customers with the best scientific software experience they've ever had," said Radcliffe.

For further information contact:
Dr. Tom Radcliffe (613) 483-9803
Predictive Patterns Software Inc.
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