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Predictive Patterns Announces the Release of the Protein Biomarker Package for GeneLinker(TM) Gold and GeneLinker(TM) Platinum 4.5

July 26, 2004

Predictive Patterns Software Inc. (PPS) today announced the release of a package to simplify the analysis of Protein Biomarker data with GeneLinker Gold and GeneLinker Platinum 4.5. The package is installed on top of GeneLinker(TM) Gold and Platinum 4.5 and allows easy import and analysis of a variety of types of mass spectrometry data. This new package combined with GeneLinker Platinum's advanced prediction capabilities make this the ideal product for discovering clinically relevant patterns.

"GeneLinker has been successfully used for a number of proof of concept analyses in proteomics. During these proof of concept analyses, we began developing a proteomics package (an add on to GeneLinker) that addressed the issues that we encountered in doing end-to-end analysis within GeneLinker. With the addition of the proteomics package we are confident that GeneLinker Platinum is the best complete solution for analyzing protein biomarker data," said Dr. Tom Radcliffe, President of PPS.

"GeneLinker Platinum combined with PPS' Proteomics Biomarker Package allows easy discovery of protein multi-markers that are associated with clinical variables. This combination has also been successfully used to analyze data from a number of different platforms including Ciphergen ProteinChip(R) platform as well as Advion's Nanomate(R)" Tom added.

"The new package allows easier importing and analysis of spectral data. Data can be imported as rebinned spectra with constant bin width, or as rebinned spectra with constant resolution. Now users have a choice of which software application they can use to analyze protein biomarker data," added PPS Vice-President Mark Chatterley.

"Better statistical analysis using F-test and Kruskal-Wallis with Bonferroni and False Discovery Rate corrections and proven classification algorithms - committees of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), committees of support vector machines (SVMs) and committees of Bayesian classifiers (IBIS the Integrated Bayesian Inference System) make it easier for scientists to do a more statistically sound analysis of protein biomarker data. Platinum uses mainstream classifiers incorporated into a unique committee architecture which helps prevent over training and reduces the effect of bad samples by requiring consensus among multiple learners to make predictions" said Mark.

"GeneLinker Platinum is the best available combination of traditional statistics features with advanced classification features, all in a single easy to use package," stated Dr. Radcliffe.

Predictive Patterns announced that it would provide the proteomics analysis package free to GeneLinker customers. Demo versions of the proteomics package are also available from Predictive Patterns website (with registration). White papers that illustrate the use of GeneLinker Platinum on protein market data are available on Predictive Patterns' website or by request.

For further information contact:
Dr. Tom Radcliffe 613-483-9803
Predictive Patterns Software Inc.
Scientific Software, Simplified.

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