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S2K's Team Chooses Predictive Patterns GeneLinker Products for Advanced Data Analysis

February 16, 2004

S2K is a consortium of highly recognized researchers from across Canada funded by a $15 million grant from Genome Canada, Genome Quebec and Ontario Genomics Institute. The S2K program, which is hosted by the Université de Montréal, aims to study the functional genomics, pharmacogenomics and proteomics of the immune response regarding HIV and HCV infections, SARS, transplant rejection and rheumatoid arthritis diseases. The ultimate goal of this program is to develop a bioinformatic model to predict susceptibility and progression of the targeted diseases as well as the response to a given therapy.

Predictive Patterns was chosen by the S2K team to deliver advanced data analysis software products and training that will be a key tool to better analyze and interpret their results and obtain the best biological understanding of their data.

"S2K team's choice of GeneLinker demonstrates their confidence in our continued ability to deliver high-quality software products." said Tom Radcliffe, Ph.D., P.Eng., founder and President of PPS.

"We generate a wide variety of data derived from gene array, cytometric bead array, antibody array and single cell profiling analysis. GeneLinker Platinum gives our researchers access to important statistical and classification features that help them get the most value from their data." said Dr. Abdelkader Yachou, S2K Program Manager.

The deal gives S2K's team access to 5 copies of GeneLinker Platinum 4.0 immediately (with the option to add more), training in gene expression data analysis and the products, and support, maintenance and upgrades.

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