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Predictive Patterns Releases GeneLinker(TM) Gold and Platinum Version 4.0

June 2, 2003

Predictive Patterns Software Inc. (PPS) today announced the release of GeneLinker(TM) Gold and Platinum 4.0, a major new version to the award-winning Gene Expression and Proteomics Analysis Software.

"The new releases represent significant steps forward for users of both products. The new scripting is very powerful and incredibly easy to use. Meta-scripting--allowing multiple scripts to be chained together--is also provided for advanced users." said Dr. Tom Radcliffe, President of PPS.

"New Committees of Support Vector Machines (SVMs) in our Platinum product ensure that GeneLinker Platinum continues to lead the way in advanced data analysis. SVMs used to be reserved for machine learning gurus but we've made this advanced functionality accessible to every biologist who does gene expression analysis." added PPS Vice-President Mark Chatterley.

The main features that have been added to both Platinum 4.0 and Gold 4.0 that differentiate them from the previous versions are:

  • Import of native Excel files. Instead of saving Excel files to comma delimited or tab delimited formats, users can now import these files directly.
  • Experiment scripting. Users can now select an experiment or an entire subtree in the experiment navigator and create a script with a single mouse click. These scripts are stored in files that can be copied or e-mailed between users, allowing them to share workflows.
  • Meta-scripting. Users can run multiple experiment scripts sequentially, effectively programming complex analyses to run at the click of a button.

The main feature that has been added to Platinum 4.0 (only) is:

  • Training and Classification using a Committee of Support Vector Machines (SVMs). This provides an alternative to the Committee of Neural Networks functionality that already exists in the products but is faster, doesn't require any feature selection to be performed, and is relatively immune to the over-training problems sometimes seen with neural networks on small datasets. Sensible defaults and easy to understand tutorials make this functionality accessible to everyone.

Predictive Patterns is also offering an upgrade path to the previous customers of Molecular Mining Corporation to allow them to take advantage of the new GeneLinker release and access support.

GeneLinker Gold is the entry level product that is well suited to researchers just entering the area of genomics or proteomics research, while GeneLinker Platinum offers powerful feature detection, committees of neural networks and SVMs that are more suitable to the intermediate or advanced researcher.

"This new release illustrates our commitment to supporting the GeneLinker products and developing them further. The feature sets in either product can't be matched by any of our competitors at their respective price points," said Radcliffe. "It also demonstrates our commitment to serving user needs--scripting capability is the single most frequent user-requested feature, and we've responded to those requests."

For further information contact:
Dr. Tom Radcliffe (613) 483-9803
Predictive Patterns Software Inc.
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