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GeneLinker Online Help

In keeping with our philosophy of providing customers--current and prospective--with as much information as possible about out products, we have made the full GeneLinker Online Help Documents available. A PDF version of the GeneLinker Gold 3.1/GeneLinker Platinum 2.1 documentation is also available.

Protein Biomarker/Proteomics Examples

The GeneLinker products are well suited for Protein Biomarker data. The protein biomarker dataset used in Protein Biomarker Discovery with GeneLinker Platinum is the NIH/NCI Center for Cancer Research Ovarian dataset 8-7-02.

An earlier Proteomics Data Analysis Example is also available.

Selected Citations

Below is a selection of book chapters, refereed publications and posters that feature the GeneLinker products.

The following published book chapter includes analysis using GeneLinker and nine images exported from GeneLinker:

  • Modularity in Development and Evolution. Chapter 10: Systematic Exploration and Mining of Gene Expression Data Provides Evidence for Higher-Order, Modular Regulation. University of Chicago Press. Gerhard Schlosser and Gunter P. Wagner, editors. Roland Somogyi, Stefanie Fuhrman, Gary Anderson, Chris Madill, Larry D. Greller, and Bernard Chang.

GeneLinker Online Colour Figures from Chapter 10

Copyright 2004 by The University of Chicago. All Rights Reserved.

The following papers include images and results produced by GeneLinker:

The following poster from Amersham Biosciences illustrates the use of GeneLinker(TM) Gold's Matrix Plots:

Additional References for Proprietary Algorithms

SLAM is protected by an extensive patent portfolio (including U.S. Patent No. 6,493,637) covering the original Coincidence method and several applications. U.S., Canadian and International patent applications on IBIS are currently pending.

  • Steeg, E.W, Robinson, D.A. and Willis, E., “Coincidence Detection: A Fast Method for Discovering Higher-Order Correlations in Multidimensional Data”, Proceedings of KDD '98, New York, August 1998.
  • Steeg, E.W. and Pham, H., “Application of a Novel and Fast Information-Theoretic Method to the Discovery of Higher-Order Correlations in Protein Databases”, Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, PSB ‘98, Hawaii, 1998.
  • Roland Somogyi, Alan Ableson, Larry D. Greller. Exploration, Inference, Prediction: A Step-Wise Approach to Gene Networks for Understanding Drug Action, Invited workshop, IBC In Silico Technologies Drug Discovery conference, 21 May 2001.
Note: the pdf file format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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Publication Submission

Please email us any publications that feature the GeneLinker products. We love to see the different ways that the product is being used and hear about how our products are being used.

New Citations

If you are going to include results or visualizations produced by GeneLinker in a paper or poster, please mention the product that was used to produce them.

Here is an example from a Results section:
  • Improved Outcomes' GeneLinker(TM) Gold 4.6 was used to produce the hierarchical clustering results.
If you would like to add a reference or bibliography entry, we would like to suggest the following fields:
  • Authors: Mark Chatterley and Tom Radcliffe
  • Year Published: 2005
  • Title: GeneLinker Gold (or Platinum)
  • Version: 4.6
  • Place Published: Kingston, ON, Canada
  • Publisher: Improved Outcomes Software Inc.
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