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Improved Outcomes Software (IOS) is pleased to announce the release of GeneLinker(TM) Gold and Platinum 4.6, new versions of the award-winning Gene Expression and Proteomics Analysis Software products. See the full press release for more details. This is also the first release of GeneLinker by Improved Outcomes Software Inc. (following Predictive Patterns Software Inc.'s merger with Visible Bytes Software Inc.).

These new releases focus primarily on importing and analyzing protein biomarker data. The previously released Protein Biomarker Package has been improved and integrated into the latest versions of the products. GeneLinker's Protein Biomarker Package combined with GeneLinker Platinum's advanced prediction capabilities make this the ideal product for discovering clinically relevant patterns and have been successfully used to analyze data from a number of different platforms including Ciphergen ProteinChip(R) platform as well as Advion's Nanomate(R) but can be used on any two column spectral data files that contain m/Z in the first column and channel intensity in the second column.

As well as improved Proteomics Import Scripts, scripts have been added to import p-value spectrum data to allow exported p-values from ANOVA experiments to be re-imported, enabling novel visualization of channels that best distinguish between different classes (see Protein Biomarker Discovery with GeneLinker Platinum for more information).

The new release also includes enhancements for gene expression (microarray) data analysis and scripts to import Koadarray ratio and two-color data (including confidence values) have been added.

GeneLinker Gold is the entry level product that is well suited to researchers just entering the area of genomics or proteomics research, while GeneLinker Platinum offers powerful feature detection, committees of neural networks, committees of SVMs, committees of Bayesian classifiers and external Perl scripting, which are more suitable to the intermediate or advanced researcher.

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