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Handling a System Crash or Hang



Program Operation Indicators

Check the molecule spinner in the upper right corner of the window. While GeneLinker™ is busy performing a function (such as preparing to display a plot), this indicator is active. It may be that the experiment you are performing is complex and hence taking a long time to finish. In this situation, wait for the experiment to complete.

The Experiment Progress dialog reflects the progress of the running experiment. To cancel an experiment while it is running, click the Cancel button on the Experiment Progress dialog. When an experiment is cancelled, the data repository is returned to the state it was in as the experiment was started.


Program Hang

One indication that the application is hung is if the mouse cursor indicates that the application is busy, but it never returns from this busy state. Alternatively, the system may be hung if the mouse pointer appears normal but there is no response to input.

If the application crashes, GeneLinker™ may simply disappear, or the operating system may crash. Alternately, the operating system may report that GeneLinker™ or Java has caused a problem and GeneLinker™ is going to be terminated.

While inconvenient, a hang or a crash may also cause data to be lost. GeneLinker™ uses a data caching mechanism as a means to recover smoothly from hangs or crashes. When GeneLinker™ is restarted, it attempts to recover as much data as possible from its cached files.



If GeneLinker™ appears to be hung, on Windows® NT or 2000 it may be possible to see if it is still working by checking the Windows® Task Manager, as follows:

GeneLinker™ appears in this list as 'java.exe' or 'javaw.exe'. The number under the CPU column header indicates the percentage of processor power that 'java.exe' or 'javaw.exe' is using.

Warning: Closing GeneLinker™ by ending the process from the Task Manager may lose recent changes to the data.


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